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Client Cases

Reflection Setup of an

Immediate Denture Case

Very Difficult Bite Situation

From Existing Denture to New Restoration

Upper Cast Partial Restoration

Upper Denture Case

Upper Acrylic Partial Design in Wax

Really Natural Looking Acrylic Partial

Existing Denture Before and After

Integrated Cast Partial

Partial Case

Immediate Denture Case from Surgery

to Insertion of Denture

Adding Canine to Existing Old Partial

Full Upper Cast Frame Denture and

Lower Implant Supported Denture Case

Adding Canine to Existing Old Partial

Cast Partial

Very Difficult Bite Relationship

Dislodged Partial Repair

Partial Design with Least Amount

of Acrylic Facially

Upper and Lower Dentures for

Patient in Her Thirties

Upper Dentures Before and After

Upper Immediate Setup

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