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Dental Laboratory Testimonials

"I find Monika Bek-Scott to be a trustworthy and well trained dental professional who I routinely recommend to my doctor clients for her technical talent and her commitment to following through on her cases to the satisfaction of both patient and doctor.  She has been called to collaborate with me on several cases and I find her input and skill invaluable." ~ Autry Orthodontic Appliances, Vicky C. Autry


"It has been my pleasure to have known and worked with Monika for the past 9 months.  I was fortunate to have been able to hire Monika to personally manage a rather large account (11 Drs. on staff) and to assist me, her department manager, with all of the other everyday work as it was received.  Monika demonstrated to me a more than ample ability to adapt to the routine of our department and continually performed above what was expected from her.  Monika received her C.D.T. while employed by me.  With Monika's help we were able to develop and initiate a very intense cross-training routine that I will benefit from for many, many months to come.  Monika's presence was often an inspiration to all of us in our department."

~ Nobilium of Texas, Thomas W. Tisbury, Denture Department Manager


"Monika was originally hired as a set-up technician in the Denture Department.  Her knowledge and skills in this area proved to be very good and after approximately five months, Monika was transferred to the Partial Department.  In the Partial Department, Monika used her skills to make teeth from acrylic directly onto partial dentures.  During Monika's employment with the lab in both departments, we found her to be a competent technician who was very knowledgeable in dental technology.  She was very conscientious about her work and showed up every day with a smile on her face." ~ Stern Empire Dental Laboratory, Ron Johnston, Denture Department Manager


"During her employment with us, she has demonstrated the following: 1) The ability to perform her work efficiently (dentures and partials in our lab). 2) A positive and constructive attitude - including improvement of the physical facility and ogranizing to generate greater efficiency with other workers.  3) The ability to take the initiative where appropriate - including duties needed, but not often requested.  4) The ability to work in harmony with others. 5) Knowledge of her trade allowing her to either perform the appropriate task or ask the appropriate questions before beginning.  6) Responsibility, 7) Dependability, 8) Courtesy, 9) Loyalty, 10) Honesty, mentioned last but certainly not of minor importance." ~ Alabama Denture Clinic, W. E. Lacy IV, DMD


"Monika Scott has worked with us in our Montgomery office, Alabama Denture Center.  She has, in the time she has been with us, made a great difference in the efficiency of operation of the entire office.  She is pleasant to be with, efficient in her work habits, proficient in her technical skills, and deals well with patients and her fellow workers.  She seems to have the ability to move into any situation and improve it.  We highly recommend Monika Scott." ~ Alabama Denture Clinic, W. E. Lacy III, DMD


"It has been my pleasure to have had the services of Monika Scott to assist me in my laboratory requirements.  Her exceptional talent and strength lies in her attitude and her desire to please and learn.  Monika goes out of her way to improvement beneficial to the office.  She gives 100% and is eager to learn where and whenever the opportunity presents itself.  She tries hard and in the areas where she needs more experience she is eager to learn.  It is my feeling that her expertise and qualities will enhance any dental office or laboratory.  Also her appearance and attitude and ability to communicate with personal empathy makes her even more important." ~ O. M. Snook, DDS


"Monika Scott has been employed by me for three years as a dental laboratory technician and a more talented, conscientious, artistic, and dedicated employee would be impossible to find.  Although the majority of our work has been full and partial dentures, Monika has done numerous gold crown castings, all of which were of superior quality in carving and finishing.  Monika has been, for the past two years, our laboratory manager and supervisor here at Prodental and I am always assured that everything will be done properly and on time with Monika in charge.  She not only relates well to other employees and subordinates, but is extremely personable with patients - and they all adore her." ~ Prodental, Inc., Dr. A. S. Barber


"In her position as laboratory manager, Monika ensures that the work is done well and on time.  Monika is a hard working and conscientious employee and can be depended on and trusted to do the job right." ~ Dr. Steve Mercer, DDS


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