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Dental Professional Testimonials

"Ms. Monika Bek-Scott has raised the quality of available dental prosthetic services to a new level. Her excellent service and attention to detail are qualities which I prize. I recommend her to my colleagues without hesitation and hope that our patronage will assure Ms. Bek-Scott's success here on the Emerald Coast."  ~ MAPG- Gary L. Weitekamp, DDS, MPH


"Monika has been our partial and full denture lab contact for several years. Her work and dependability has been exceptional. We would recommend her for your prosthetic needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions."

~ Harrison Dental Associates, William Harrison, DDS


"I have been using the services of Ms. Scotts' dental laboratory for the past five months. I highly recommend her workmanship. She uses the utmost accuracy with lab preparations for removable prosthetics. Ms Scott is very articulate and reliable. She produces her work in a timely manner." ~ Michael T. O'Donnell, DMD, PA


"Monika Bek-Scott has been performing lab duties for our office over the last six months. During this time her quality of work has far exceeded any "Standard of Care." Concomitantly, her concern for patient satisfaction makes her skills and personality the perfect combination for success in any dental office." ~ Dr. Arnold C. Gangswisch, DMD, PA


"Monika Bek-Scott and I have been working together for almost a year; we have enjoyed completing several comprehensive removable prosthetic cases.  When Monika works with my cases, I provide specific, true tomographic xrays of the joint complex to guide her in visualizing the vertical and anterior-posterior occlusal relationship in her wax-up process.  Her attention to this type of detail shows her dedication when working with each specific doctor's needs.  She is also incredibly artistic.  Her eye for understanding, face shape, patient skin and hair color, as well as lip shape, etc. all add to the patient "wow" factor when they receive their customized smile.  I tell my patients, 'Just because you wear a partial or denture, doesn't mean the whole world has to know.'  I confidently recommend Monika Bek-Scott for her dental technician skills, customer service and willingness to go the extra mile for you and your patient's satisfaction."~ Susan M. Welch, DDS


"Monika is a very outstanding and ethical person.  The wonderful results that came from her lab are superb.  I might also says that she is a joy to work with.  During the past five years, I and my patients have been blessed with our relationship with her." ~ Johnny Savage, BA, DDS


"I am pleased to recommend Monica Bek-Scott, CDT, and her skills as a dental lab clinician to any dental professionals seeking a lab clinician for removable services.  Not only does the quality of her work meet the standard of care, but Monika ensures that the delivery of her work is on time and meets the personal needs of the patient.  Monika allows herself to be readily available to her clients, whether it is through email, phone calls, and even text messages.  Her willingness to communicate with you allows the process to run smoothly as well as ensuring a case that is exactly to your liking and on time.  I have many examples of this.  My patients leave the clinic very satisfied for such a quick turnaround and outstanding product.  It's clear that Monika has a vast knowledge in the area of removable prosthodontics.  There have been many occassions where I have asked her advice or opinion on what is the best solution or material should be used.  She gladly gives her recommendations on what works best and how she can serve you and the patient.  She proudly stands by her work." ~ Cedar Pearl Dentistry, Elizabeth Newell, DDS


"Prosthetix Lab has done all our cases: full upper and lower dentures, relines, repairs, partials (cast and acrylic).  Monika provides a quality product.  She provides fast turnaround and attention to detail.  She easily accommodates any special needs we encounter.  The esthetics and function are very good.  I have been pleased with the finished product but more importantly, patients have been pleased with the finished product.  I recommend Monika and her lab for your dental needs." ~ William E. Cox, III, DDS


"I got to work with Monika when I started helping Senior Dental Care that provides dental care to nursing home patients.  She was affiliated with them.  During this time, she fabricated different types of prosthesis.  She always made quality work with fast turnaround even though nursing home cases are difficult and challenging.  I recommend Monika and her work for any and all dental lab work that you and your office might need." ~ Patty Mahmoudzadeh, DDS


"Monika has worked with me in the past year providing partial and full dentures in nursing/rehabilitation facilities.  She provides and excellent product that is both functional and esthetic.  The patients and I have always been pleased with Monika's finished products.  I recommend Monika and her lab for your dental needs." ~ Muzaffar A. Chaudhry, BDS


"I would like to highly recommend Monika Bek-Scott of Prosthetix Dental Laboratory.  She does an exceptional job in a timely manner.  Monika is wonderful to work with and a positive addition to the team." ~ Alfred E. Aguero, DMD


"Monika provides a quality product with attention to detail.  I am pleased to recommend Monika and her skills as a dental lab clinician to any dental professional seeking a lab or removable services.  Her work and dependability have been exceptional." ~ Ty Griffiths, DMD, PA


"I have been professionally associated with Monika Bek-Scott for the past year.  She is a good lab technician, detail oriented and prompt with her scheduling.  I would recommend her for any removable prosthodontic needs that you may have." ~ Comfort Dental Care & Orthodontics, Dr. Michael Gilliam, DDS

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